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Tmar releases paradise!

Paradise EP by Tmar

Having spent the last few years mainly producing and mixing for his Label Riddim Addict Records as well as various artists and labels…Tmar is back with his first multi song release since 2016 Urban Loving EP with Paradise.

Paradise EP is a fusion of Dancehall, Afrobeat, Reggaeton with a slight Pop crossover. Three of the five tracks were composed, mixed mastered and recorded during lockdown, while the other two (Need you tonight, Waiting for) were recorded in 2019 but never released.

Paradise gives off a fun summer, cruising top down vibe, equally suitable for chilling on the beach or heading on the dance floor. 


  1. Paradise- Smooth, sultry, dreaming of a vacation. 
  2. One Chance- Time for the dance floor, head bopping, “Nuff wining”.
  3. I see you- Female empowerment, love the skin you’re in, beautiful the way you are.
  4. Need You Tonight- Another one for the dance floor, bass thumping. 
  5. Waiting For- Found the one, Settle down.

The Paradise EP will be available on all platforms July 18 2020, but you can Pre-Save on Spotify and other services right away with following links. 

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Riddim Addict Records, Tmar