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Break The chains


To use Ceekaih’s own words….”This song was written to illustrate the living conditions and reasons behind the gap between socio economic classes in society. It also serves to encourage those who live with these hardships to never give up on their dreams despite the hurdles.

That statement summarises the subject matter of the song in the best way possible, the backing vocals, vocal effects and other ambient sounds and instruments carry the emotion of the lyrics throughout the song, it is a song worth listening as the world deals with Covid-19 and how it affects those with less, as further it minimises their already limited opportunities.

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Break The Chains was produced by Tmar from Riddim Addict Records (UK) and will be available everywhere the 23rd February but you can Pre-Save and Preview using the following links.

  • Artist: Ceekaih
  • Writer: Ceekaih
  • Producer: Jermaine “Tmar” Millington
  • Composer/Arranger: Jermaine “Tmar” Millington
  • Bass: Mac (Macles Music Factory)
  • Label: Riddim Addict Records